Finding What Works For Me

It’s hard enough some days.  You wake up, go to work, eat food, come home and still expect to have enough time to fit in a workout in order to keep up a certain fitness level.  It’s crazy.

But for those of us on the grind, how realistic is it to do this day in and day out?  I ask because I was faced with this question late last week and it really bugged me.  I work 9-5, Monday through Friday and have 2 dogs and a Fiancee.  We walk our animals as soon as we get home, take a breath, go on a run or do a short workout, cook dinner (which sometimes means after work grocery runs), enjoy an adult beverage and then go to bed – only to get up early the next morning and do it all over again.  Some nights we hang out with friends or enjoy a show at a bar, which really throws a wrench in our routine.  It’s exhausting.  Some days I cheat and don’t go on a run or do a workout — i just skip to the adult beverage and call it a day, which only makes me feel super guilty.  Lately I’ve been feeling as if I am a slave to my schedule.

What makes it even worse is that I am an ambassador to an online fitness work for women.  We are both a support system and knowledge base for all things healthy and fit.  We challenge each other by logging workouts, asking for ways to improve our training/eat better/etc.  While I find these strong, beautiful woman inspirational, I also feel like I am pressured to live that same structured and disciplined lifestyle.  What I forget is that we are all different women, with different life paths and schedules.  Some of them may have the time to go on long runs every day, or participate in long workouts — I don’t.  I don’t even have the time to write a blog post everyday, to be completely honest with all of you.

I understand that a majority of the women in my fitness network have the same (if not more) obligations in their life than I do, which makes me feel like I’m not trying hard enough or that I’m a huge whiner.  I just want to find the balance.  I just want to find a way to have my fitness work for me.

So what would you advise?  Create a daily schedule and adhere to it?  I need a little flexibility in my life or else I go crazy. Work out when I find the time?  If I don’t have some sort of routine then I fall off the wagon.

So then WHAT?

Well, I took a step back one day and looked at my schedule for 24 hours and found small gaps where I could fit in a quick run. For example, there is an outdoor trail behind my office building that follows a creek.  I’ve begun bringing my running gear to work with me and go on small (3 mile) runs everyday.  It’s not much, but I feel like I am able to fit in something while still having time at the end of my day to complete my familial obligations or workout, if I want to.  I also save my long runs and strength training for the weekend.  So far, it is working for me.  I do still have days where I want to cheat or feel like I have so much to do that I can’t go on a run.

So any advice that you may have will be much appreciated.  I know there are enough working women with families that are able to make their social and fitness calendars live harmoniously.  HELP!


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7 responses to “Finding What Works For Me

  1. I think if you find those little gaps then the habit will take care of itself…a kettlebell in the office and a supportive office atmosphere (get them in on it) could provide brief and effective sessions! You’re on a great track already!

  2. You could get a standing desk… that burns 300-400 calories a day. I read recently that working out all the time can’t offset the damage of sitting all day. Also, have you considered setting a schedule to work out 3 or 4 times a week instead of every day? Light cardio could be enough to keep you fit and centered and whatnot.

    • I like the idea of a standing desk – may change to one in the winter, when i really find it difficult to work out. i like the idea of small workouts over time instead of 3-4 times a week, but am open to anything! I definitely want to decrease the amount of sitting i do at work – maybe take more calls standing up?

      anyway, thanks for the input, jenna, i really appreciate it!

  3. Do what you can, and if you need to take a day off, do it.

    Also, my friend Jessie and I often do on-the-fly squats and pushups at work when we have a spare minute. It’s enough to get your heartrate up but not make you a sweaty disaster. :)

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