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Whoa!  Our apologies for the lag in our postings.  We had a few people check with us to make sure we were a) still here b) not completely consumed with NYC life. While the latter is somewhat true, the fact is we are still here and have MUCH to share.

Today we’d like to share something that we have been vibing on for quite some time.  In fact, we walk past this artist’s piece everyday on our way to the subway and local grocery store.

Carmel – I live near a piece on Kent Ave and it has always caught my eye.  The piece looked much like a tar-drip facial sketch and was unsigned so the artist’s identity plagued me for quite some time.  Soon, I started to come across other works done in the same style and by the same artist.  I knew that maybe if I google searched the image, other references to this artist would surface.  IT WORKED!  The mystery artist is Paul Richard and I was completely blown away when I uncovered some of his other works, including some ingenius ‘designed pieces’ for cities along the northeast seaboard – which were merely random objects and basic city infrastructure with art plaques (like you would see in any museum) next to them.

TLVO | Paul Richard Street Art

Hailing from Boston, this NYC-based artist started off as a realist painter and has quickly emerged as one of the more recognized street artists in NYC.  His self-portaiture (sometimes with his dog) is timeless and shows how effortlessly he transitions from a variety of media.

TLVO | Paul Richard Street Art

TLVO | Paul Richard Street Art

And then there are the tar dripping street art pieces, which mirror his sketches on paper.

TLVO | Paul Richard Street Art

What I appreciate most about PR’s work is that unlike other street artists in NYC, PR chooses to display his work on parts of the city most people overlook: the sidewalk.  These days, I can’t help but notice that people are seriously glued to their smartphones.  I see people crossing streets, walking along sidewalks with cellar doors wide open or even walking down subway steps, all while updating FB statuses, uploading pics/video to Instagram or whatever the hell it is they’re doing on their phones – it’s nuts.  So it’s refreshing to see an artist who encourages people to look down, look around and be surprised by small bits of beauty where you least expect.  Another thing I like about PR is that he understands the art of self-portraits without being completely self absorbed.  Let’s be honest, the man is handsome and could easily be found on a Mad Men episode – so extra kudos to PR for transcending stereotypes and being undeniably fascinating in the end.

TLVO | Paul Richard Street Art

You can check out more of PR’s work on his website: Paul Richard

I also came across this fantastic interview with PR that was done last year.


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